Aug 2, 2015

On The Scene: Graham Nash at Levon Helm Studios, Woodstock NY 8.2.15

Graham Nash: Barefoot between the beams at Levon's.

Along with the always lovely Holly George Warren, I was lucky enough to catch Graham Nash tonight at Levon Helm's place tonight. Along with guitarist Shane Fontayne, Mr. Nash looked & sounded terrific playing a career spanning two sets. 

Jul 28, 2015

Trash & Vaudeville Leaving St Marks Place After 40 Years!

Trash & Vaudeville circa 1980. By Michael Sean Edwards.

BIG news out of the East Village this morning via EV Grieve! After 40 years, Trash and Vaudeville will be moving around the corner and down the street. They'll be leaving St. Marks Place for a new spot on East 7th between First Ave and Ave A. Get the full story over at EV Grieve.

Trash in front of Trash. By Tim Broun.

Jul 21, 2015

James Chance Featured on Dangerous Minds

We're happy to report that Dangerous Minds ran a feature on James and the BUY album today! You can read the article here, and order BUY direct from Futurismo here

"Truly great jazz is rhythmic enough to lure you in but chaotic enough to make sure you don’t get bored…or too comfortable. Truly great funk is rhythmic enough to keep your body moving and your senses tighter than a trucker on a yellow-jacket binge. Cross these mighty twin forms together and you land somewhere near the county of James Chance. Even then, like any artist worth their salt, simple categorization is not only uneasy but also ill advised. And that’s when things get truly

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